People Product Process

smart innovation process from concept

In addition to smart innovation process from concept, idea to value generating product and market proven business model, startups also need to build a strong and committed core team and develop both of these together into a real growing business and organization running processes that effectively capture the soul value created.


​While there are many great resources and self-education tools available for product and business development, where most important ones are captured in our learning model and processes as well. Much less resources and focus are available to understanding challenges of building a committed team and growing a scaling organization from zero to something.


​Yet, if asked any professional in the startup field and most professionals in business, pretty much all agree that while business is about people, products and processes – the team ranks as very important, – if not the most important factor. Because when the team falls apart, the group coherent is gone, the idea, the passion, the vision, the dedication, the soul of the startup is gone. Which creates room for another startup to give it another try to do better and achieve success.